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Ottawa Wedding Awards 2018

Hey guys!

I had the honour of being nominated for the Ottawa Wedding Awards this year! The hairstylist award has some crazy competition so it was really amazing to be apart of that. The Wedding Awards are hosted by Ottawa Wedding Magazine and happen annually.

There are two award categories, Platinum awards, which you have to submit work into and the winner is decided by a panel of judges, and people’s choice, which is exactly what it sounds like. I was nominated in the people’s choice category! Meaning somewhere on the internet, someone thinks I’m cool (score).

After finding a dress and getting everything ready, my girlfriend Lana volunteered to do my makeup. She’s kind of amazing at it, so naturally I was thrilled (especially because I’m terrible at it). Here’s my full glam

The awards ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It felt like we were at a wedding reception, a super glam wedding reception, it was magical. The best part had to be the food, I’m usually a semi-picky eater, but I tried everything and LOVED it all.

I can’t even tell you what these food items are for the most pet, but they rocked my world. Food was provided by the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata.

While I didn’t take home an award, I did get to be apart of this fabulous event and had the chance to meet other incredible professionals from the wedding industry.

Thanks for having me!


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Contessa Collection: Spark, Fire, and Ash

Around this time last year, I had a spark of motivation, I thought “hey screw it, I might as well try and make a collection for the Contessas” and so I did! I had the honor of connecting with a team of industry professionals to help make this dream come true. With that, I started planning.

After a quick facebook post, I had a team! I had the pleasure of working with each of these talented artists beforehand, so I knew that whatever we created was going to be beautiful.
My stunning model, Katrina, agreed to let me do three separate color, cuts, and styles on her for the collection. This beautiful girl is over six feet tall, breathtakingly gorgeous, and has a PhD in chemical engineering. She’s basically straight out of a fairy tale. Oh, I forgot to mention, she had virgin hair… every stylists dream. This patient and beautiful human spent over 20 hours with me over the course of a month and a half creating three different looks to match our theme: Spark, Fire, and Ash.

Mike Giovinazzo, volunteered to capture the collection, and I could not have done it without him. I met Mike only a few months beforehand during a photography workshop and knew right away that we would be creating some art together! His talents include boudoir, fantasy, portrait, and so many other types of photography. On top of that, he is such a kind soul.

Jacquie Mathers from Artistry by Jacquie lent her creative makeup skills to the collection. This energetic and friendly lady practices ethical beauty in everything she does. Jacquie’s kit only holds cruelty-free items. She even offers advice for people wanting to switch to cruelty free in her blog! I gave her complete creative freedom in the makeup department, because she knew much better than I would! I certainly can’t argue with the results either!

Finally, we topped it all off with clothing from the incredible designer Rebecca Rowe of Rowe’s Fashion. Her clothes are a work of beauty. Each piece is well-made and beautifully crafted to suit the body that wears it. The most amazing part about her clothes? Most of the dresses and skirts have POCKETS.

So folks, here it is! My first collection: Spark, Fire, and Ash. This collection placed top 10 in the apprentice category at Contessa 29. The experience of creating this was humbling and has given me a creative buzz. This week I begin the work for my second collection, hopefully you’ll see it at Contessa 30!

Photography: Mike Giovinazzo

MUA: Artistry by Jacquie

Model: Katrina Roebuck

Designer: Rowe’s Fashion

Hair: Emma Ward


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ABA Toronto 2018

Hi guys!

After awhile away, prepare for a ton of updates! First of all, I went to ABA Toronto!

The ABA (Allied Beauty Association) has been going on for years, and I have yet to go until this year. Accompanied by my lovely best friend from hair school, we took off to Toronto for two days jam packed with education, new tools, and too much alcohol.

0511c62d88This year’s show featured two of my fave Instagram famous hairstylist: Platinum Perfection and Larisa Love. Naturally, I fan-girled like an idiot but hey, I met them both!

I left for Toronto after work on Saturday, got in around midnight and after tracking down some food.

The show itself was surreal. It was a humbling experience being in a place filled with so many incredibly talented artists. I watched several hours of education including styling, coloring, and business classes. My favourite panel was the Panel of Influencers. It was compiled of a team of famous Instagram stylists sharing their stories and helpful tips for growing stylists.

Of course, the after party was fantastic. Most of the photos are blurry, but so was my vision so it’s okay.

In summary, I spent way too much money, learned a lot, and had an absolute blast! Until next year, see you again ABA Toronto!

(My loot from day one)

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Contessa 2018 and Hollywood Hair

Hey everyone!
I’ve finally had some time to sit down and let you in on the madness that has been my last couple of weeks. A whirlwind of excitement and education also unfortunately led to exhausted and a mean cold so I’m a little late.

This wonderful madness began with a class on November 5th in Toronto at the Schwarzkopf academy called Hollywood Hair. This class, taught by the exquisite Michelle Finlayson, was set up to teach stylist how to combine new and old school techniques to create stunning updos and long hair styles.

Here’s one of my fave looks created during the class! Michelle showed up a knotted updo technique and told us to then make it our own and I decided to finish mine with some braid styling (photo two).

Did I mention that I took an overnight greyhound to get to this class? It was bananas and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, just get a hotel room like a normal person. However, I would totally do it again.  After wrapping up the class, I took the bus back to Ottawa, and headed straight to bed.

Fast forward to the next weekend, myself and some coworkers were off to Toronto (again) for the Contessa! For anyone who isn’t a hair nerd, the Contessa is the Canadian hairstylist of the year awards, essentially the Oscars for hair stylists.  The contest features a number of categories for stylists to enter (colorist of the year, texture stylist, etc). Which by the way, yours truly placed top ten in Canada in the apprentice category, just saying.


What a show! With 1000 hair stylist in attendance, it was an incredible experience. We laughed, drank, and danced the night away while being inspired by so many amazing artists. Watch out for next year, the Scissors team plans on taking home our own Contessa!

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National Women’s Show

I had the pleasure of working with designer Julie Aubin at the National Women’s Show this year in Ottawa. This year the event was again hosted at the EY Centre, but for the first time organized by Runway For Hope.

It was a delight to share the morning with so many talented makeup artists and my incredibly talented partner for hair, Fatima Abeduljalil.

Here are some photos of the models I had the joy of prepping for the show!

All photos thanks to Richard MacGillivray !